Results come from doing...

Getting the right words out at the right time is a learnt skill...

...and we have a simple results based formula to ensure you find your feet first time, develop your own style and go from strength to strength in any interview or presentation. We aim to carry out three interviews (TV, Print, Radio or Face to Face) per person which are then constructively analysed and critiqued.

Few people are naturals to begin with but working with our skilled coaches who have strong reporting and PR capabilities, results will be seen in under four hours.

And what do these results look like?

Participants landing their story effectively for one; but also demystifying how reporters work, what they are looking for content wise and how to be news leading with your content.

This is not just about getting it right when in front of the media. We coach the art of storytelling with evidence… so you can be convincing in any situation.

Realistic interview experiences are essential

We work with PR managers beforehand to establish topical interview scenarios which could be of interest to the media.

90% of the time real story ideas emerge from our sessions which are then converted by PR's into media opportunities and coverage.

The coach works with each individual to ensure they are using simple language, saying something new, using examples and above all engaging, using their personality to tell great stories.

We are asked by clients to run presentation sessions and also messaging workshops. These can be crucial in establishing or testing corporate messages or enhancing presentations.

All we need from you are dates, willing participants and an appetite to increase your communication reach.

Half day (4 hours) 9-1pm or 1-5pm
Full day 9-5pm

We have a mobile studio which includes all equipment for TV, radio and print interviews

Most of the sessions will be held by reporter,
presenter and coach Emma Hart

Languages and locations
We regularly carry out sessions in Europe, Scandinavia, Singapore and the UAE. We work with a number of native language trainers including Arabic. Please tell us what you need.